Friday, November 17, 2006

What's with this blog?

I’m proud to publicly unveil our new PTS Brotherhood Blog, which the board will use to communicate more frequently with all Brotherhood members and the community — without filling up your mailbox.

This blog will:

* Tell you about events, both before & after
* Tell you what the Board is doing and thinking
* Provide an opportunity for you to leave feedback

Will the blog replace the Bulletin or our member e-mail notification list? No. But it will augment them both.

In today's society, people use multiple modes of communication. Some of you may like to read the Bulletin. Some of you may prefer e-mail, blogs, RSS feeds, etc. Our goal is to communicate in the way that works best for you.

If you use an RSS newsreader, you can subscribe to the blog at

Alan Zeichick
Brotherhood Board

(PS: If you don't know what an RSS newsreader is, feel free to ask me about it at our next board meeting on Dec. 4th. Here are two Web-based newsreaders that I can recommend: NewsGator and the SF Chron's MyFeeds service. There are also many desktop news readers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. I use NetNewsWire for the Mac.)


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