Thursday, March 29, 2007

What a great March!

This month has been tremendous for PTS Brotherhood — and of course, for everyone in our congregation and the community.

On March 4, was the annual PTS Purim Carnival. We had a record attendance at this year's festivities. If you were there, you know how magical it was, and what a great time the kids had. We'd like to thank all the volunteers, both the adults and the teens... you're the real heroes who made the Purim Carnival a success.

Then, on March 18, was our first-ever March Madness Championship Poker Tournament fundraiser. We had an excellent turnout, the level of play was impressive, and many generous donors helped ensure that there were plenty of raffle prizes as well as awards for the top four poker players. The feeling was clear, that we should do this type of event again, so stand by for details! (Special thanks to Keith S., whose expertise and hard work kept the game on track, and to all the volunteers who labored before and during the event.)

Alan Zeichick
Brotherhood Board


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